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Authentic Venezuelan Food

Norah Briceno Mil Jugos Venezuelan restaurant

Norah Briceño Brower

The secret?   Is  consistency. It starts with a great deal of attention to choosing quality ingredients, and a lot of love,  for the craft of bringing to the table the best of Venezuelan food every day. No matter where you come from, whether you are part of the family or a first-time guest, you will feel the warmth of our dedication through the joy of our meals. It's been seven years since Norah Briceño   And Her Mom Solange Briceño opened Mil Jugos, The first  Venezuelan restaurant in downtown Santa Ana, and developed a cult following since then.   Our Team Dedicate to create the most distinctive Latin American  flavors that represent a century old of culinary Of European and native indigenous.   We offer the opportunity to explore the most home flavorful Mom cooking in Orange County.

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What we got?


In Venezuela it is used to cook Cachapas, Arepas and  Empanadas.
Arepas are made of ground maize dough or cooked flour.
They can be served with various sides such as cheese, avocado, shredded meat, chicken and other ingredients.
Cachapas are made from corn, and are often served with white cheese.

I want to cry just thinking of how good this place is!!! Lol
I've ate here at LEASSSTT 20 times in the last year, and every person I've ever taken with me is instantly a fan!

Mil Jugos

This is authentic home cooking,

100% Gluten and MSG free

This kitchen offers the flavors of the unexplored cuisine of Venezuela to all food lovers. This is authentic home cooking, 100% Gluten and MSG free. Our menu is full of flavor,  made with fresh and natural ingredients with unique Latin flavors that combine all the different regions of Venezuela.
Since 2003   we have been dedicated to the idea of a space where authentic quality food blends with mixed cultures and good vibe.



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 TEL:(714) 836-4601

320 W 5th St Santa Ana, CA 92701

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